Ready....Set..... GO!


I was the classic runner who would go hard every work-out with a no-pain-no-gain-mantra. I - slowly - learned that I did not perform quite as well as I could with this approach. I saw people around me with the same ability perform better than me. This drove me to take a long hard look at myself and made me realize that it was me who was holding myself back. My thoughts on training and exercise were fixed and I had been unwilling t look at other approaches. When I realized that, I started deepening my knowledge of training, mindset, and nutrition. Eventually, I realized that for years I had trained much too hard. Only when I studied how to train correctly - taking several wrong turns before I figured it out - did I realize that I had been underperforming by overdoing it. I noticed that with doing less, I performed better!


It took me a long time to discover this simple truth but now that I truly understand how to “train smart, not hard’ I am dedicated to helping you achieve the amazing feeling of training this way as well. It is easy to be passionate about sports. I get excited easily because it is so closely connected with values, emotion and ego. I would be thrilled to help you along your journey to reach your potential in a smart (not hard) and enjoyable way. Whether it is going from 0 to 5k or aiming for that sub-3-hour marathon, I have your plan and the guidance for you to succeed and fulfill your potential!   


Erik learned to run middle-distance in the regional track team of the Netherlands. After moving to Thailand, Erik explored Triathlons, Trail running, Spartan races, and eventuallyUltrarunningg. He placed in several (international) triathlons and consistently performs in his age group. As a coach, Erik has helped people accomplish their goals ranging from couch-to-5k runners to top marathoners looking to gain that edge in their performance. No matter what type of runner you are, Erik will help you define and achieve your goals in a way that is doable, measurable and enjoyable!