I am so excited to meet you


My name is Suzanne van de Venne but most people call me Suzie. I have many roles. In any given week I am an health freak, wife, loving mom of 2 wonderful girls of 2 and 5, an athlete, sports scientist, plant-based nutritionist, reiki instructor, friend and lover of living! 


I am a learner and always looking for ways to grow! I want to make an impact on the world and recognize that my passion and knowledge for optimal health is a beautiful gift to share with the world, to share with YOU.


I have been active and healthy my whole life but not everyone in my family signed up for this. Over the past 15 years my dad went in to the hospital many times and we were often worried that he wouldn't make it. It made me realize we all want to change and be in great health but why is this so difficult? It kept me thinking day in and day out... It also made me realize that health is not just an individual issue but it radiates to your surroundings, in a positive or a negative way. My dad is doing pretty well at the moment      .


In the past years I have focussed almost obsessively on learning all about nutrition, mindset and changing habits. With my background Master in Sport Science and having taught Physical education for many years internationally I focussed mostly on sports and exercise. The key point I took away is that you get "Fit in the Gym but Healthy in the Kitchen" and so many of us don't realize this. 


As I feel the benefits of a vibrant health so much myself, I want YOU to feel this too. Not only in your energy levels throughout the day or in changing numbers in your blood work but also in the experiences that you build in every moment, to live a long but more important connected life in the best shape ever. Connected to your body, connected to your family and the world. Our life here on earth is short, make the best of it NOW, raise your standards and ask for some guidance doing it to get the results you are after.


Over the past year and a half I have helped over 50 people to move towards optimal health. Many of them lost weight, up to 15kg some of them lowered their cholesterol my as much as 120 points, some of them lowered their high BP significantly, some of them stated a significant change in focus en efficiency in work, better relationships with family and employees and a more happy and fulfilled outlook on life.