Erik & Suzanne  


Having worked as educators in a progressive international school over the past decade, we coach with an aim to provide you the education to last a lifetime. The truth is that many of us have not been given enough education on health to succeed in this part of our life. We understand that your health transformation cannot be achieved in a vacuum. It has to be an integrated part of your life. It needs to fit in with the other areas of your life that require your focus. Your health education has to be inclusive of family, relationships, career and quite frankly your time.


Erik and Suzanne are here to help you become educated in the school of health! We like to state that a health transformation is not a quick fix, a rigid training plan or a calorie restricted meal plan (aka diet). We work with anybody who is determined to create lifestyle changes that equal long-term success.


The model for health we like to use is based on a holistic approach. All identified areas are vital for your wellbeing and can form a starting point for your transformation. You need to decide where you want to put your focus. Tony Robbins says: "where focus goes, energy flows". So ask yourself: "where is my focus?" What area do you want to start with to upgrade your health and that of the people around you?

















We help you take control of your health, become knowledgeable about your choices and succeed to incorporate amazing health into your life! We identify two main approaches to health transformations. One is through a performance goal and the other through a lifestyle change. Which area do you think is most suitable for you? 


We feel what "Outstanding Health" means to us on a daily base. We wish that for everybody and want to help others to make this happen. 

We are both Dutch and have 2 beautiful daughters. We moved to Thailand over 8 years ago to start teaching at an international school as PE (and Sports Science) teachers and loved it but it was time to move on and follow our calling.  

We believe that (one of) your gifts in life is your wellbeing. We also realize that many people are lost in this world and don't know where and how to start. We want to guide you if you are ready for a change for you and your family. 

We are firm believers of growth and progress. We have put the effort into our health, especially in the last few years and can just feel and see the results big time. 

Both of us are healthier than ever. The health check-up results are through the roof, we feel full of energy. What you practice is what you get better at. The downside is that if you practice fear or confusion or doubt you get better in that as well. doesn't matter what you have practiced so far in your life you have to power to turn it around.


On that road with took our kids along, our friends, our family and it is time now to get you and others involved as well.

...Are you ready?


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