In the - By Your Side - training plan, you purchase a Result Driven, Easy To Follow, Time-Efficient Training Plan with accountability, expertise and your coach virtually by your side. You purchase a tailor-made training plan that fits you best and gets you the guidance of your online coach every step of the way.


The By Your Side training program offers:


  • 12-week workout plan

  • feedback on all your sessions in the TrainingPeaks app

  • 3 check-ins (initial, midway and pre-race)

  • gait analysis

  • the ability to adapt the training plan to your needs

  • nutrition plan for race day

  • adjustment of Heart Rate zones over the course of the training plan

  • free post-race recovery week plan



Additional Bonuses (value $200):

  1. Takeaways of the book ‘Endure’

  2. Pro tips and tricks 

  3. Nutrition advise before, during and after the race


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