Welcome to the Six Week Health Accelerator Program! 


Are you ready for a health upgrade for you (and your family)?

Do you want to get results in an enjoyable way?

Do you want the results to be long lasting and not just quick fixes? 



Well, this might be the program for you! 

As an educator, I truly believe in education! It is not a trick, it is about knowledge but also about learning how to apply this knowledge. 

It all starts with dreaming BIG. Who said you are not allowed to dream BIG? Life is too short to waste days in 'surviving mode'.


One of my truths is: "The most significant gift in life is your wellness".


We often only realize the importance of it when we lose it… 


What are your dreams and goals? How do you want to feel? 





I experience on a daily base what it is to live life according to my rules and my standards and love every piece of it. I don’t say it just comes to you without putting any effort in. It is hard work but very rewarding and fulfilling. 


It is about raising your standards


So many people struggle in this busy world where the demands on us are through the roof! It seems sometimes that there is no choice and before you know it time passed and you wonder where it went.


But here is my truth, you CAN make changes and you do have a choice! If you start focussing on your health you can get to your dream health but it does require some work on your MINDSET, your AWARENESS, and your FOCUS! 


In this program, we will get you started on your journey! I will educate you on the 3E’s: Ethos/Mindset, Eating and Exercise and with small changes weekly you start building up momentum towards your goal.



Are you interested?



There are only 6 spots available so be quick if you want to join. Ideas have little value if we don’t act upon them! What will it bring you? How will it kickstart your health journey? Will you look back in 6 months time and wonder what your life would have looked like if you had taken action now?




Where focus goes, energy flows

T. Robbins

Are you ready to put some focus on your health?

The details


What: 6-week Health Accelerator, a program to upgrade your (and your families) health!


Who: Everyone who wants and/or needs a kickstart to transform their health but doesn’t know where to start. For people who are looking for guidance and accountability to get the results, they are after! It doesn’t matter if you feel healthy already but need that focus back or if you don’t even know where to start!


Why: It’s a kickstart where you have a support group and an expert around you. You will learn how Suzanne does it but also meet other people in a similar situation. This will encourage you to team up and make you feel you are not alone! 


The program includes (we will meet weekly)


  1. Two 30 min individual sessions with me to set your goals (on zoom)

  2. Four 60 min group sessions (max 6 people) to discuss themes (on zoom)

  3. A workbook with different focusses for each week. In the group calls we will discuss the theme of the week, define obstacles and find ways to integrate these things into your life (at the right level for you).

  4. Each week will also require some of your time (30min to 1h+ daily - depending on the time you have) to make some of the implementations we discuss.



The theme: 3xE


  1. Eating: How can I set up a healthy nutrition routine for me and my family? What is healthy food?

  2. Ethos/ Mind: How do I create time in my day on my personal development?

  3. Exercise: How can I make sure I have some movement/exercise on a daily base


Encouragement is the 4th 'E' which we need to succeed. How can you keep this energy high and move forward and not backward?




Week 1: Your first 30 min zoom call in the week of November 12th 

Week 2: Your second 30 min zoom call in the week of November 19th 

Week 3: Zoom call on Wednesday, Nov 28th at 12 pm (UTC+7)

Week 4: Zoom call on Wednesday, Dec 5th at 12 pm (UTC+7)

Week 5: Zoom call on Wednesday, Dec 12th at 12 pm (UTC+7)

Week 6: Zoom call on Wednesday, Dec 19th at 12 pm (UTC+7)



There will only be 6 spots available to make sure we keep the

group small and you can get the most out of it.


Price: only 97 dollars for 6 weeks!


For questions please don't hesitate to contact me on the form below.​


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