40-day transformation 

to an

effortless runner

From injured to effortless for USD 199,- / THB 7,500

It is possible to run in a biomechanically perfect way, based on the laws of nature. However, it is likely that none of us has the ideal biomechanical body type to run this way. Your individual optimal running technique surely is different from the artificial optimum.


At Healthstax Running, the goal is to bring you as close to your optimal running form as possible. 


In order to achieve the most effortless running style for you, we start by conducting a video analysis of your current running technique. At the same time, we go over the basics of running biomechanics. Using easy-to-follow instructions and drills, we will slowly but surely start to change your running gait and address your injury. 


Your gait analysis will dictate where we start your transformation. Your current or former injury will receive attention through specific strength drills. 5 weeks worth of individualized running form drills, strength exercises, and workout structures will help your body develop the optimal running form for your biomechanical uniqueness! Easy to follow, scaffolded drills and workouts will change your running form forever. Spend 30 days focussing on form and you will have a lifetime's worth of joy!   




In the ‘Injury Free’ plan, you purchase a 40 day staggered running drill & strength training program that is specifically designed for your injury and movement pattern.

The result is a new running style and a relief from your energy-zapping running injury. After these 40 days on this program, you will be a new runner!


A pain-free & effortless runner! 


The Injury Free training program offers:


  • Five weeks of clearly marked out workout sets (minimum three sessions per week)


  • Specific strength drills to treat and prevent your existing running injury 

  • Optional additional gait analysis to determine your current movement pattern flaws and progression


  • Individualized running drills to turn you into an effortless runner


  • Weekly feedback on your workout sessions on the TrainingPeaks app


  • Coach Erik’s support at your fingertips through the comment box on the TrainingPeaks platform


  • Pre- and post video of your running gait

  • 25% off your next training plan once you fixed your run!