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Mobility Mastery

Making the most of your mobility is making sure you are able to move freely. Injury prevention and injury management are a major part of why mobility should be an integral part of any exercise routine, whether you are a runner, a cyclist, a rugby player or a chess player (well ok, maybe not chess)... Chess players should avoid sitting for long periods on end.

I recently started a 30 day mobility challenge. The challenge starts with 30 seconds of deep squatting for 30 days.

After 6 days, I added the second mobility exercise to get you up to a Minute of Mobility. The progression is attainable and focusses on ankle flexibility. Notice that none of this involves profuse sweating and can be done at any point of the day - preferably several points during the day.

The third progression towards Mobility Mastery is specifically designed to target the shoulder and reduce any hunchback posture as a result of too much sitting behind the computer. I am working at my standing desk as I am typing these very words.

A sneak preview to next weeks addition is the progression targeting spinal torque. Mobilizing your spine can be key to reduce stiffness in your stride and allowing your 'kinetic chain' to function properly in your sporting endeavours.

If this challenge has peeked your curiosity and you want to have an in depth overview of why we should all be focussing on mobility, I suggest a very, very good podcast with the true master of mobility Ido Portal.

I hope you enjoy the challenge, with this blog you can come back to it at any time and master your mobility! Let me know in the comment section what you think of the progression and what you would like me to focus on in future video's.

Also, if all this mobilization has got you thinking "maybe it is time for me to start being more active again", check out my FREE 4 week running training plan. Let's get back that mobility and fitness!



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