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Drills, Drills, Drills...

"Ah man... Why do we always have to start with drills..." This used to be my mindset as a teenager at the start of track training. I never thought of myself as lucky for having a coach who insisted we did running form drills before we went into the workout. Endless strides, dribblers, single leg hopping and - my personal favorite - Floor Sweeps we did.

We all think we can run. It is a blessing and a curse both at the same time. Why should I practice drills? "I have been running all my life", I hear some of my clients say. Yes, it is true, we can all run. However, some tend to run better, faster, longer, stronger and with less injuries than others. How come?

We have know for a long time already that running ranks among the highest injury rate per participant in the sport (link). Roughly half of the recreational runners suffers injury from training and the vast majority are overuse injuries (75%). The sheer volume of repetitions will find the injury in your body when you are not aligned properly.

Making sure you run with good form and limited alignment issues, can lower the risk of injuries dramatically. Additional benefits include a more efficient stride (less energy expenditure), the ability to run longer and of course running more consistently. Your training

program will not be interrupted by being injured.

Incorporate drills into your warm up to run better, stronger, faster and longer. But most of all, run injury free! If you are Bangkok based, come and join one of my FREE Running Clinics.

Check out all the running drills I organised for your convenience on the Running Drills section of the Healthstax website. Feel free to forward this blog to anyone you think may benefit from these drills.


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