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The ultimate guide to correct running

To learn how to run with correct technique, one would have to look at how an effortless runner runs. It does not take long for you to end up on the east coast of Africa to find the most effortless (long distance) runners.

David Epstein famously wrote: “Kenyan’s are considered good runners, but Kenyans consider the Kalenjin tribe good runners.”

Analyzing the way that these athletes run, gives you a good indication of how to run correctly. Lucky for us, many people have done the biomechanical breakdown for us.

Photo credit: IG jzilbermanphoto

What is true for all effortless long-distance runners is that they all:

1. Lean into their stride

2. Pull instead of push

3. Sweep their feet under their centre of mass

Running with effortless form can be a challenging task to complete on your own. There are plenty of great running coaches out there to help you transition in your run. I would advise you to download this free guide on effortless running to get you started. It will take you through the steps of running easily, effortlessly and gracefully.

Happy training!